We are your insurance claim specialists!

> We:
   + are insurance and industry recommended.
   + provide factory finishes to cars and light duty trucks.
   + use Nexxa gold paint.
   + have access to rental cars.

> We restore accident damaged vehicles to factory finish condition and work closely with the insurance companies so you can relax!

> We utilize the latest collision repair equipment including:
   + 2 SprayBake Downdraft Booths
   + Devilbiss Prep Station
   + Velocity Genesis Measuring System
   + 2 Autorobot Frame Machines
   + Kansas Jack (Magna Rack)

> Our team offers:
   + trained experts
   + experience using quality parts
   + precision alignment
   + a refinish guarantee

SprayBake Downdraft Booth
> State of the art
> Fully computerized
> Heavy duty constructions
> A top-quality paint booth that guarantees an incredible finish
> Powerbake technology
> Cured in 20 minutes at 165°F
> Environmentally controlled, which eliminates outside contaminates

Devilbiss Prep Station
> Parkway takes the utmost care in preparing your vehicle in a dust-free and conscientious environment
> Each vehicles is prepped thoroughly to ensure the highest quality workmanship

Velocity Genesis
> Latest technology
> Fast, safe and automatic
> Continuous measurement guarantees an accurate repair every time
> Measures anything from the smallest car to the largest SUV

Autorobot Frame Machine
> Tough and dependable
> Powerful, efficient and accurate
> Straightens even the toughest jobs

Kansas Jack (Magna Rack)
> Full size frame rack
> Will accommodate trucks, vans and even unibody cars